With the development of the ever increasing “super zips” comes a whole new set of rescue challenges and training needs.

Our training will cover the correct operation of a zip wire, from morning inspections to close down, including placing clients on the wire and receiving them at the bottom of the run.

Training also covers different types of rescues dependent upon the location of your zip wire and the surrounding environment:

  • Lower offs: an instructor proceeds down to a client on the zip wire, controlled by another and then lowers themselves and the client down to the ground together.
  • Trolley to trolley transfer: an instructor proceeds down the zip wire to the client and transfers them from one trolley to another for them to complete their journey.

All of our training is run at your location, ensuring that your staff are trained on the equipment that they will be using. Maximum 12 participants per instructor.

If you would like to book any training for your staff please contact us so that we can discuss your needs and environment, in order to develop the best training programme for you.