Roped Rescue Training

Our staff are experienced in rope rescue techniques and are qualified in rigging for rescues at a high level, combined with casualty care. The training we provide covers rescue management and application in difficult situations in all seasons from summer through to a harsh winter.

The course covers:

  • Anchors
  • Rigging systems
  • Casualty transfer to stretcher/ Pitagor
  • Management of crag rescue
  • Lower and hoist
  • Equipment management
  • Role of the Crag Master
  • Barrow Boy
  • Back roping
  • Ghyll rescues

Bespoke Rope Rescue Training

Whatever your need, unique or not, Technical Outdoor Solutions can design and run a suitable bespoke safety and rescue course for you. A generic or routine syllabus may not be appropriate for your specific requirements and you could benefit greatly from the flexibility that we are able to offer based on our broad experience.

film crew safety: Having worked with film crews and photographers, achieving safe positioning for that perfect shot in mountain and water environments, we understand that some crews may benefit from undertaking their own safety and rescue training in order to acheive this without the need every time for a specialist support crew in tow.

We also offer bespoke rope rescue training for industry. These courses are run at your location and are designed to meet your needs for safety and rescue training using ropes where necessary.

As there are many areas of industry and construction work in the U.K. with dangerous locations, rope rescue is different for each location.

We will come to your facility, assess and design a course around you, to teach you how best to perform rescues utilising hazardous locations on site.

We also offer this course combined with any of our first aid courses, giving you recognised HSE qualifications.

Bespoke Rescue Training


For more information, including personalised advice , please contact us to discuss your requirements.