Technical Outdoor Solutions provide rope course construction, training, technical advice and equipment for the outdoor industry, as well as inspections for all PPE and Ropes Course facilities.

Technical Outdoor Solutions and Lyon Equipment.

We are proud to be recommended by Lyon Equipment as a specialist outlet for outdoor centres.  With the ability to supply both sport and work at height equipment, we can provide for all activities including high ropes courses whilst offering trusted advice on all aspects of equipment. Please see Lyon Equipment for information about what they offer.


Technical Outdoor Solutions has full public liability insurance that covers all aspects of what we do, from providing equipment and advice, to training and construction by any of our staff.


To book a training course then please contact us to discuss requirements, dates and numbers.  Once we understand your full requirements we will be able to provide a quote. With so many courses bespoke to your needs, and with varying locations and duration it is not possible to provide standard prices on line.


All our staff are experienced outdoor instructors who also have experience in constructing High Ropes Courses and are Industrial Rope Access specialists, able to provide support, advice with knowledge and understanding of your needs and the technical ability to offer solutions where needed.

Craig – Is an International Mountain Leader and ex-Royal Marine, he has many years of experience in the outdoor industry.

Craig is on the board of directors of ERCA (European Ropes Course Association).

Craig spent 8 years with Penrith Mountain Rescue Team acting as a Crag master and swift water technician.

Relevant qualifications: ERCA Trainer and Assessor for Traditional, Adventure Park, Rescue, Low Ropes & Temp Low Ropes, ERCA Periodical Inspector, PPE inspector, Wire Rope Inspector and Wood Pole Inspector, IRATA level 1, Swift Water Rescue Technician, First Aid Trainer & Assessor, Professional Trainer Certificate – Charted Institute of Environmental Health, NVQ Assessor and IPAF Powered Access Licence.

Jon – Graduating from Bristol University with an MEng in Civil Engineering, Jon has over 20 years of civil and structural design and project management experience in a variety of disciplines, most recently highway structures inspection and maintenance, providing him with a sound knowledge of engineering problem solving

Relevant qualifications: MEng in Civil Engineering, ERCA Periodical Inspector & ERCA Instructor, PPE Inspector, Wire Rope Inspector, IRATA Level 1 and Wood Pole Inspector, IPAF Powered Access Licence and Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS).

Stu Wilkes - photo 2

Stu – A highly experienced ropes course manager and technical advisor who can offer advice and support in all aspects of the operational documentation, training, safety and management of your ropes course. Stu is an ERCA Master Trainer and is actively involved with ERCA expert and working groups.

Relevant qualifications: ERCA Trainer and Assessor for Adventure Park, Traditional High and Low Ropes Courses and Rescue, Mountaineering Instructor (MIA), ERCA Periodical Inspector, ERCA Wire Rope Inspector, PPE Inspector, Wood Pole Inspector, LANTRA Tree Inspector and Surveyor, IRATA, IPAF Powered Access License and Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS).


Emma – Graduating from Liverpool John Moore’s University with a BSc (Hons) in Outdoor and Environmental Education, Emma has spent the last nine years working in the outdoor education industry.  With a variety of land and water-based qualifications, she also comes from a background of managing centres and ropes courses. Emma is an experienced ropes course manager and can offer advice and support in all aspects of the operational documentation, training, safety and management of your ropes course.

Relevant qualifications: ERCA Trainer and Assessor for Adventure Park, Traditional High and Low ropes courses, Temporary Low ropes courses and Rescue. PPE Inspector, Wire Rope Inspector, Wood Pole Inspector, ERCA Periodical Inspector, First aid trainer and assessor and is part of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS).

Darren – With over 10 years of experience in the Outdoor Education Industry including as Centre Manager. Darren comes to the team with experience from the smaller centre point of view including extensive experience in Training and Inspections. He is actively involved in Scouting including being a National Trainer for Climbing and water based activities and is a keen white water kayaker outside his work on ropes courses.

Relevant Qualifications: ERCA Trainer and Assessor for Traditional High and Low Ropes Courses and Rescue. PPE Inspector. Operational Ropes Course Inspector.


Gareth –  If it has wheels and Gareth can’t drive it, it isn’t worth driving. Gareth has many years experience in the Ropes Course Construction Industry and is our main Plant machinery driver.

Relevant qualifications: ERCA Wood Pole Inspector, ERCA PPE Inspector, Wire Rope Inspector, IPAF Powered Access Licence and Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS)

Ed G Snip

Ed – With a keen eye for detail and high standards, plus extensive knowledge in the Ropes Course Construction industry, Ed is a key member of the Construction team. Ed is also a fully qualified ERCA periodical inspector, which ensures he knows the key standards we build to. Having also worked at height for many other industry areas, Ed is a great asset to have working with us.

Relevant qualifications: Wire Rope Inspector, Wood pole inspector, ERCA periodical inspector, SPA Award, IRATA Level 1, IPAF Powered Access Licence, PASMA License, CITB SSSTS and Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS)

Connor –  Connor came on as an Apprentice with the team at TOS but has quickly developed into an essential part of the groundwork and construction team. He is quick to learn and has a solution focused attitude. He is going to do very well in the industry and is busy picking up tickets and adding to his skill set.

Relevant qualifications: IPAF Powered Access Licence, IRATA and Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS)

Emma J – New to the team at Technical Outdoor Solutions and heading up all things office based.

Performing Arts was Emma’s original passion, but after a season working in the outdoors a love was sparked and she has spent the last 16 years working within the outdoor sector. She started, as many do, as an instructor and then over time building up to running an outdoor adventure company. She is now utilising her skills in the office at Technical Outdoor Solutions and is always at the end of a phone or email.

Kaylee – An essential part of the office team at TOS, Kaylee makes sure everything keeps ticking over and ensures our H&S is tip top. If you order anything from our gear shop or contact the office for any reason, Kaylee is likely to be the person you speak to. Kaylee has a wealth of knowledge and a good deal of common sense which makes her invaluable to the team here at TOS.

Glen – With years of experience in the construction industry and a background in the MOD, Glen is a highly organised individual who has joined our team to head up our stores area. He ensures the construction teams have all that they need for the jobs, that H&S is met and keeps everything (and everyone) in order. He also occasionally heads out to site to help especially with anything involving grounds work.



Bex – Bex has stepped away from her full time role to a freelance marketing role for Technical Outdoor Solutions, so whilst you may still receive contact from her, she will no longer be the main point of contact in the office.

Having worked for over 15 years in the Outdoor Education Industry in a range of roles including; Senior Instructor, Centre Manager and Learning & Development Officer, Bex brings with her a wealth of knowledge in Training and Outdoor Management. Bex has also spent much time out on the mountains, down rivers and delivering traditional and adventure based high ropes, gaining a range of land and water-based qualification. In her more recent role of Facilities Manager for the Outward Bound Trust, Bex oversaw all building and grounds works. ensuring Health and Safety standards were met for her team and during the very large redevelopment on a fully operational centre.

Relevant Qualifications: SPA Award, NVQ L4 in Learning and Development, A1 NVQ Assessor, PTLLS and Chartered Management Institute L5 Certificate.

Steve Ullyart Technical Outdoor Solutions

Steve – Is the backbone of Technical Outdoor Solutions, his knowledge of the industry and IT skills keeps us moving forward.  He originally started work in the Outdoors but somehow migrated into IT.  Steve still has a keen interest in the outdoors.  Steve was a former member of the Penrith Mountain Rescue Team.


Tom – With extensive experience in the Rope Course Construction Industry, Tom brings a vast amount of knowledge to the team.

Relevant qualifications: ERCA Wood Pole Inspector, ERCA PPE Inspector, Wire Rope Inspector, ERCA periodical Inspector Trained, IPAF Powered Access Licence and IRATA Level 1.

Andrew – A fully qualified Arborist and all round hard worker, Andrew is a great team member to have and is happy to work through any weather. He is happiest when climbing up trees but is just as skilled at height and on the ground. In his spare time he competes in tree climbing events.

Anthony – Anthony is a skilled IRATA technician with a variety of construction experience and skills. A great hardworking team member to have out on site.

Dave – Dave is a fully qualified and highly skilled joiner, with previous experience constructing high ropes courses and working as an outdoor instructor, meaning he also understands the functionality of the courses we build.

Matt – An experienced Outdoor Instructor and skilled labourer, Matt is often out on site working with timber and assisting the team on bigger builds. He also sometimes heads out to support our inspection team utilising his operational knowledge of ropes courses.

Jim – An experienced Outdoor Instructor and skilled labourer, Jim is often at our base prepping items to go out on site, but is also currently undertaking a degree, just to keep himself busy.

Owen –  Owen is one of our freelance trainers. An ERCA Trainer for Traditional Ropes Courses,  and is aspiring to attain the same award for Adventure Parks and Temporary Low Ropes. In addition to this, Owen also has a wealth of experience in the inspection and maintenance of ropes courses and personal protective equipment, and looks forward to bringing this experience to his new role at Technical Outdoor Solutions.

Relevant qualifications: ERCA Trainer and Assessor for Traditional High, Low Ropes courses and Rescues. IRATA Level 1,  ERCA Adventure Parks Instructor, PPE Inspector, Operational Ropes Course Inspector, ERCA Wire Ropes Inspector, Pole Inspector and ERCA Periodical Inspector Trained.

Bruce Hatton

Bruce – An Arboricultural Consultant, based in Cumbria and working nationwide. He has nearly 30yrs experience of working with trees, both as a contractor and consultant. His specialisms include inspection of trees for health and safety purposes and to advise on their use for outdoor activities. He uses the latest technology to accurately plot tree locations, gather data and assess their internal condition. For information on his qualifications, experience and services, please see

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