BS EN 15567:2015 Sports and Recreational Facilities – Ropes Courses, recommends that when a new ropes course is built, before it is used, an inaugural inspection takes place. The inaugural inspection shall be carried out by a suitably qualified and competent inspectors.

If you have recently had a new ropes course built, are planning to build a new ropes course or an adventure construction like a zip wire or giant swing then you will be interested to know that Technical Outdoor Solutions now offer independent inaugural inspections and certification to prove it is safe to use and meets the essential safety requirements of BS EN 15567 Sports and Recreational Facilities – Ropes Courses; Part 1 Construction and Safety and Part 2 – Operating Requirements.

To retain independence we can only complete inaugural inspections on those courses which we have had no other involvement with the design, engineering calculations, training, construction or operating procedures.

Technical Outdoor Solutions is an accredited Inaugural inspection body with:


Our inaugural inspections are undertaken by two suitably qualified and competent inspectors; one of whom is a fully qualified civil engineer and certified inspector, who will ensure that the ropes course has been constructed in accordance with the design drawings and that the structure and engineering calculations are correct. The second inspector is an experienced certified inspector, who will ensure the ropes course operational requirements are met and administrative documentation is in place. The inspectors have a comprehensive knowledge of how ropes courses are used and will also look in detail at how the course works on a daily basis for the participants and the instructors. Our inspectors are qualified in work at height techniques and the inspection will include a full visual check and functional test, which is also carried out at height. Having two inspectors also means that you are having the balanced opinion of two very experienced inspectors.

The inspectors will check that a tree strength and arboreal assessment exists for all ropes course installations in trees, to ensure that all supporting trees are safe to use. On other areas of your course, were relevant, they will also carry out proof loading, i.e using Dillon tension meter, Quad Pods, Hydrojaws and in line load cells.

Technical Outdoor Solutions are suitably competent and qualified to carry out inaugural inspections and provide an experienced, competent and balanced service from a professional ropes course company you can trust.