Adventure parks and playgrounds range from high up in the trees using a continuous connection/belay system, to those closer to the ground where no belay system is needed. All require regular inspections to ensure the condition of anchors, wires, wooden poles and elements are in excellent working order.

Our team at Technical Outdoor Solutions specialise in inspecting adventure park courses which utilise timber poles.

With our high-quality equipment – including the Resistograh– we can inspect wooden poles for decay, stages of rot, hollow areas, cracks and growth ring structure as well as estimate wood pole stability and longevity. The Resistograph allows us to detect decay with virtually no damage to the wood. It provides measurable data which will determine to what extent a wood pole is at risk of failure. We also test the anchors and cables for wear and tear, strength and that all are safe to use. These are all an important part of any adventure park manager’s asset management plan.

With our thorough inspections, you will see our team checking every inch of your adventure park from top to bottom.

To discuss your individual needs or for advice, please contact us and we can arrange a meeting.